Project School

Project School is a start-up company based in Italy (Milan and Rome) and Belgium (Brussels) that aims to strengthen the creative and design capacities of individuals and organisations that want to develop solutions to small and big challenges in their communities. Using the most innovative design techniques in the social field, Project School aims to create a generation of professionals capable of designing ambitious and sustainable initiatives that can solve some of our society’s most difficult challenges.

Project School has tested its methodology for a number of organisations working to develop social impact projects in Italy and Europe, such as with Pro Arbeit, a German public employment centre, supported through the development of a tailor-made social impact project lab. In Italy, Project School is currently working with: Il Pungiglione and CASCO-Gruppo Scuola, and previously collaborated with Azienda Sociale Comuni Insieme (ASCI), Manageritalia and EMIT Feltrinelli.
Furthermore, Project School has designed and is partner of 8 Erasmus+ projects (ESC, KA2, KA3, PPPA) in relation to active citizenship and urban regeneration; women empowerment and gender equality; migration and social inclusion; youth engagement and sustainable development.
Currently, Project School is contributing to the idea generation of several European and national projects targeting young people and disadvantaged groups.
Finally, Project School trainers have been involved as guest lecturers in relation to project design, financing and management in several higher education institutions, including LUM University and the University of Eastern Piedmont.

Contact Person: Regina Valenzano

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