Green Elephant Foundation

The Green Elephant Foundation / Fundacja „Zielony Słoń“® is an NGO located in the European Youth Capital 2023, Lublin, Poland. We organize events in several locations in Poland and abroad, including Zakopane – winter capital of Poland in the Tatra Mountains, our city Lublin, Wisznice in rural region of eastern Poland and various locations in Georgia.

The foundation has been established by Polish writer Mr. Jacek Rębacz in 2012. Since then are committed wholeheartedly to the development of education level among the adults and the youths particularly with use of non-formal education methods. We support and promote civic education, readership, literacy, organize educational initiatives and European projects. We believe the need for self development is one of the basic human needs and a primary factor driving the development of civilization.

We have thrived both as a coordinating institution and as a partner in European and national projects in the field of non-formal education, vocational education, professional courses and career guidance.

Visit our website to take a look at our projects and check our FB for latest news and updates.

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